About Rock + Pine Pottery

Ursula Miller Gareri spent her formative years at the feet of her potter relatives.  Her earliest memory is of being entranced by her grandfather endlessly pulling pots, strapped to a highchair at his side. 

ursula miller gareri at work in the studio

When she was a bit bigger, she sat at a table in the corner of the studio, sculpting birds, mice, coil pots and pulling handles. It was not until mid life that she returned to the grounding smell and texture of clay. Now she throws her own forms on the wheel, still entranced.

Through 15 years of focus on motherhood, Ursula experimented with various art forms.  Her eye for beauty and sense of whimsy was manifested through painting, beading, jewelry-making, sewing, calligraphy and interior design. Now, on rediscovery of her creative centre, she brings her deep sense of love of the Ontario wilderness, bright mischievous spirit, and relentless commitment to quality, to her ceramic creations. You will find her forms visually captivating, pleasing to hold, and delightfully unique.